Mask Animation

How to do Mask Animation in Flash?
How to create a Masking or Spotlight effect?


Masking effect is used to highlight a particular portion of an image or text and mask the other portions.

Video Tutorial:

Masking/Spotlight Effect
The above video teaches you how to mask a portion of image or text in Flash.
  • First select the "Keyframe" in the default Layer , mentioned as "Layer3" in the above example.
  • Simply drag an image from the library to the Stage.
  • Add a new layer say, "Layer4", for displaying the spotlight effects and Select the "keyframe" in that Layer .
  • Draw a circle on the image using "Oval tool" to mark the masking area.
  • Select the circle object using the "Selection Tool".
  • Simply right click in "Layer4" to choose option "Mask"
  • Again to animate, right click in the same layer "Layer4" to choose "Create Motion Tween".
  • At the end point of animation in "Layer4", right click and choose "Insert Keyframe"
  • And, at the same point in "Layer3", right click to choose "Insert Frame".
  • Select the endpoint of mask animation in "Layer4".
  • Now place the masking circle at the position where the masking ends.
  • Press "Ctrl+Enter" to view the flash movie.
  • We have masked the image or created a spotlight effect to the image, so that only the text is visible in the movie.

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