Insert Symbols - Graphic, Button, Movieclip

How to insert a symbol in Flash?


Symbols in flash are of three types and are reusable.They are Graphic, Button and Movieclip

Video Tutorial:

Inserting Symbols:

In Flash there are three types of symbols like "movieclip","button","graphic".

The above video teaches you how to insert symbols in flash.
  • A symbol can be inserted using the "Insert" option from the toolbar.
  • Click on "New Symbol" and type the name of the symbol.
  • Next method would be to right click inside the library window.
  • Then choose the option "New Symbol".
  • Final option would be to click on the new symbol icon on the bottom of "Library window".
  • All the above options display the same "Create new Symbol" window.
  • Here the type of symbol can be chosen and also specify the name.
  • By default all the symbols would be in the library.
  • Symbols from the library can be dragged and dropped on to the stage easily.

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