Ink bottle, Paint Bucket Tool

How to Use Ink bottle, Paint Bucket Tools in Flash?


Ink bottle Tool is used to produce the outline or the stroke color whereas, the Paint Bucket Tool is used to fill the color in an area of an image.

Video Tutorial:

Ink Bottle, Paint Bucket Tools:

The above video teaches you how to use the "Ink bottle", "Paint Bucket" Tools.
  • Use the rectangle tool to draw an rectangle with a stroke size of "10" pixels.
  • Change the "Stroke Color" in the ToolBar.
  • Select the "Ink Bottle Tool" from the Toolbar,click on the stroke
    to change the color.
  • This tool works only if it is used in a stroke area and not in a fill area.
  • Now to change the "fill" color, select the "Paint Bucket Tool" from the ToolBar to Change the fill color of the rectangle image.
  • Both these tools are similar, but they work differently
    on the "stroke area" and the "fill area".

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