Hand and Zoom - Enlarge / minimize Tool

How to use Hand and Zoom image Tool in Flash?


Hand Tool lets to move and work on different portions of a "Stage Window". For larger flash movie, this tool is very handy to use.
The Zoom Tool is used to "enlarge" or "minimize" an image size.

Video Tutorial:

Zoom Tool:

The above video teaches the uses of the "Hand" and "Zoom" Tools.
  • In the video we have used the "Hand Tool" to move around a "Stage Window".
  • Next select the "Zoom Tool" from the "Tool Bar".
  • Two icons will appear on the bottom of the "Tool Bar" - one to minimize and the other to maximize size of an image.
  • Use the "Enlarge" icon to maximize an image.
  • Use the "Reduce" icon to minimize the image.

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