Graphic Flash symbol

How to create a Graphic symbol in Flash?


The symbols type Graphic are static images to create animation and it can be reused.

Video Tutorial:

Creating a Graphic symbol:

A "Graphic" type symbol can contain text, image that can be converted into a single object.

The above video teaches you how to create symbols of type "graphic" for image animation.
  • Simply draw an rectangle in a new layer.
  • In another layer use the "text tool" to type in the text.
  • Keyframes are selected using the "shift" key and are copied.
  • Use either "F8" key or click "Insert" and then "Create New Symbol" to create a graphic symbol which will be added to the library.
  • Paste the copied keyframes in the "Newly created Symbol" Screen.
  • click on the stage Button to delete the previous two layers.
  • To make any changes to the symbol, drag it on to the stage, double click on it to edit the text or to disable layers.

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