Using Flash Forms

How to use Forms in Flash?


Forms in flash can be used as a form in HTML.(i.e) to get the user input then send to process the information.

Video Tutorial:

The above video teaches you how to use form in flash.
  • Use the "Text tool" to create labels using the "static text" property in the "Property Window".
  • Now using the text tool draw boxes adjacent to all labels.
  • Change the text type to "Input text" in the "Property Window".
  • To use the values got from the text boxes in actionscripting provide the "Instance name" .
  • To make a "Input text" box visible enable the option "show border around text".
  • No of lines are determined based on "Line Type".
  • For a Multiline text box use the "UIScrollBar" from the "Components Window".
  • Add a button from the "Windows->Common Library->Buttons" by dragging on to the stage.
  • Now use the "Selection Tool", double click on the button to change the text.
  • Click on the option "Scene1" on top to go back to the "stage".
  • Repeat the same steps for the other buttons also.
  • To add action scripting to the buttons, just right click the option to choose "Actions".
  • The coding given in the video for the second button is to process the information in a file.

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