Shortcut Keys / Using Keyboard

What are the shortcut keys in Flash?


Using Shortcut keys makes more easier and time consuming for frequently used commands. Following table lists some important Keyboard Shortcuts in Flash.
Keyboard Shorcut Keys Used For
A Sub Selection Tool
V Selection Tool
T Text Tool
P Pen Tool
I Ink Bottle Tool
B Paint Brush Tool
U Paint Bucket Tool
E Eraser Tool
D Dropper Tool
M Magnifier Tool
Q Free Transform Tool
F Gradient Transform Tool
L Line Tool
O Oval Tool
Y Pencil Tool
F5 Add a frame
Shift+F5 Delete a Frame
F6 Add a Key Frame
F7 Add Blank Key Frame
F8 Make a Symbol
Ctrl+R Import Image/Sound/etc...
Ctrl+Shift+R Export to .swf/.spl/.gif/images
Ctrl+Shift+O Open as Library
Ctrl+L Show/Hide Library
Ctrl+M Modify Movie Properties
Ctrl+E To toggle between Edit Movie& Edit Symbol Mode
Ctrl+Shift+L Show/Hide Timeline
Ctrl+Shift+W Show/Hide Work Area
Ctrl+D Duplicate
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+Shift+A Deselect All
Ctrl+Shift+O Optimize Curves
Ctrl+K Align Window
Ctrl+Shift+S Scale and Rotate
Ctrl+Shift+Z Remove Transform
Ctrl+T Modify Font
Ctrl+Shift+T Modify Paragraph
Ctrl+Left Arrow Narrow Letter Spacing
Ctrl+Right Arrow Wider Letter Spacing
Ctrl+J Document properties
CTRL+ENTER Test a movie.
CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER Debug a movie.

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