Filter Effects / Visual Animating Tutorials

How to use Filter Effects / Animating Visuals in Flash?


Filters in flash is used to add visual effects(animate) flash movie quickly.

Video Tutorial:

The above video teaches you how to use Filter Effects for animating visually in flash.
  • These can be used for three types of symbols that are "Buttons", "Movie clips", "Graphics".
  • Drag and drop a symbol from the library window.
  • First press "F8" to get the "Convert to symbol" screen.
  • Simply choose the type of the symbol as "Movie Clip".
  • Now using the "Filter" option in the Properties window apply the required field.
  • By clicking on the "+" easily add the required filters from the list.
  • Drop shadow, Blur, Glow, Bevel, Gradient Glow, Gradient Bevel, Adjust
    are available effects in Flash.
  • When a particular option is chosen, the appropriate properties are displayed.
  • Increase or decrease the properties for each of this filters to suit your needs.

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