Components Tutorial

How to use components in Flash?


Components are objects that are used for specific purposes with a built in action script to fullfill the purpose of the components.

Video Tutorial:

The above video teaches you how to use the components in flash.
  • Components in flash are listed in the "Component Window".
  • To view the component window click on "Windows->Components".
  • We will use the user interface components here by clicking on "+" sign against the "User Interface" option.
  • The parameter for a component can be changed in the "Properties Window".
  • Just drag and drop the "Label", "Textinput" to the stage.
  • Add a suitable name for the label.
  • Also try placing a "check box" with a suitable label text.
  • When a "Combo box" is added to the stage, using the labels the items to be listed can be added.
  • Simply try adding a "Datefield" to include the date.
  • "List" component lists all the added labels.
  • A "Button" component can be added to the movie to process the form.

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