Copy and Paste Motion Tween

How to Copy and Paste Motion Tween in Flash?
Learn Copying Multiple Keyframes?


Copying and Pasting Motion tweeing effect/Copying Multiple Keyframes in flash is used to give a uniform motion to multiple objects.

Video Tutorial:

Copying Multiple keyframes to another layer:

The above video teaches you how to copy and paste motions for different objects in different layers.
  • Let us consider a flash document already animated. Here we have a bouncing ball animation.
  • Create a new layer, click the keyframe and add an "artin" image.
  • Here we are trying to copy the motion tween of the existing movie.
  • In the new layer, leave the key frame, then select all other frames by pressing the shift.
  • Now right click to choose "Remove Frames" to remove all the selected frames.
  • Before adding the motion tween, right click on keyframe to choose "Create motion tween".
  • Select the motion from "Layer1" by selecting the frames holding the "shift" key.
  • Right click to choose "Copy Motion".
  • In the "Layer3" click on the "Keyframe" then right click to choose "Paste Motion".
  • Now test the movie using "Ctrl+Enter" with two images moving similarly.

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