Copy and Paste Animation Frames

How to copy and paste animation frames in Flash?


Copying and Pasting frames in flash is very useful in integrating animations inside the same movie or in another movie.

Video Tutorial:

The above video teaches how to copy and paste frames in a different movie.
  • Let us consider, an bouncing ball flash file created already for copying animation.
  • Click on the frame and select the frames to be copied by pressing and holding the shift key.
  • For copying animations, Right click and choose "Copy Frames".
  • Open a new flash document, import an image, drag it on to the stage.
  • A new layer is created to paste the animated frames.
  • Right click on the "Keyframe" of this new layer to choose "Paste Frames".
  • Here, to extent the sky image till the end of the animation we need to insert a frame.
  • Simply right click at the end of "Layer1" to choose "Insert Frame".
  • Test the movie by using "Ctrl+Enter".

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