Button Symbol

How to create buttons in Flash?
How to use a Mouse over Button symbol?


The symbols of type Button are used for navigating based on events like over, up, down, hit.

Video Tutorial:

Creating a Mouse Over Button symbol:

A "Buttons" type symbol is used to link to file or movies.

The above video teaches you how to create symbols of type "button" that changes color when clicked on it.
  • Use the "Convert to symbol" window, then select "button".
  • Draw a rectangle, then select the rectangle to align it on the stage.
  • Using text tool, add text to the button.
  • In default there are four status available for the buttons. They are Up, Over, Down, and Hit.
  • By default the setting for button will be in "up" status of timeline window.
  • For Mouse over button effect, Create keyframe in the mouse "over" option.
  • Change the text color with a single click and Stroke color with a Double click.
  • So when the movie is executed, the color of the button changes as the mouse is moved over.

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