Brush Tool / Modes

Using brush tool and modes in Flash


"Brush Tool" in flash can be used to paint drawings with different shapes, sizes.

Video Tutorial:

Using Brush Tool:

In the above video we have explained the basic techniques that can be used with Brush Tool
  • Select the "Brush Tool" from the toolbar.
  • Select the size of the brush from the bottom of the tool bar.
  • Just draw an image, also try with a different sizes.
  • The other option available with brush tool is the shapes.
  • In defaul there are different shapes, try drawing in all the brushes shape.

Brush Modes:

Below are the list of Modes of brushes available in Flash
  • Paint Normal
  • Paints over lines and fills on the same layer.
  • Paint Fills
  • Paints fills and empty areas, leaving lines unaffected.
  • Paint Behind
  • Paints in blank areas of the Stage on the same layer, leaving lines and fills unaffected.
  • Paint Selection
  • Applies a new fill to the selection when you select a fill in the Fill modifier or the Fill panel.
  • Paint Inside
  • Paints the fill in which you start a brush stroke and never paints lines.

Related Links:

  • Object Drawing: This is only selectable if you are using the normal draw mode. It functions the same as Pencils Object Drawing function, preventing unwanted interactions between your shapes and drawings.

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