Start and Stop Action Scripting

What are the basics of actionscript in Flash?


Simple steps initially will help to write more complicated action scripts. Let us see an example for Start ans Stop Action Scripting.

Video Tutorial:

Basic Start and Stop Action Scripting:

The above video teaches you how to animate a ball by using a play button.
  • Let us consider a football for the animation. Initially draw two lines on the stage between which a ball has to be animated.
  • Now create a motion tween for a "football".
  • Keyframes are included at regular intrevals.
  • Create a new layer and add play button.
  • Using the "selection tool" the football is moved to up and down positions.
  • The frames are copied to alternate keyfames using "copy frames".
  • Write the action script in the keyframe of the newly created layer to stop the animation. The script used is "stop();"
  • To start the animation, right click on the button to write action scripting. The script would be "on(press) { play() }".

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