Align/Alignment of Images

How to Align Images in a Flash file?
Picture Alignment in Flash?


Images or pictures can be aligned in flash as desired to any part of the stage.

Video Tutorial:

The above video teaches you how to align the position of the images.
  • Import an image / Choose an existing image from the flash library.
  • Drag the image on to the stage to make changes.
  • For Picture Alignment, Choose the option "Windows->Align" from the top.
  • A new "Align Window" is displayed on the top right.
  • First enable the option "To Stage" in this window, if it is not enabled.
  • Using the different icons below "Align", the image can be aligned to different positions.
  • With the icons below "Distribute", the image is distributed to edges or to the center of the stage.
  • To automatically adjust the size of the image "height", "width" of the stage, use the icons below "Match size".
  • Using the "Space" option the vertical, horizontal spaces can also be adjusted.

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