HLOOKUP Function

The HLOOKUP() i.e,Horizontal Lookup, is a Lookup and Reference function,which takes the arguments 'lookup_value,table_array, row_index_num,range_lookup' and it returns an item in a row and returns the same item in the column from the row of the table mentioned by the user.


=HLOOKUP (lookup_value,table_array, row_index_num,range_lookup)
In above syntax, the argument "lookup_value" denotes the value to be spotted out in the table
"table_array" acts as the table of information where the complete data is seen
"row_index_num" denotes the row number in the table from where the similar value will be replicated
"range_lookup" is a logical value that indicates whether the user expects HLOOKUP function to locate exact match.

Video Tutorial:

Let us view how the HLOOKUP function can able to extract the text from the row with the help of below video.

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