WEEKDAY Function

The WEEKDAY function is a date and time function which takes "serial_number and return_type" as argument and returns the day of the week in numbers (from 1 to 7, with 1 being Sunday and 7 being Saturday), from the given date.


=Weekday(serial_number, return_type)
In the above syntax, Serial_number denotes the date whose day has to be found. The dates can be mentioned in any format used in excel. The return-type argument is optional which denotes on which day the week begins
Return value:
1 or omitted - Returns numbers from 1 to 7 (where 1 is Sunday & 7 is Saturday).
2 - Numbers from 1 to 7 in which 1 is Monday.
3 - Numbers from 0 to 6 in which 0 is Monday.

Video Tutorial:

Let us learn to take away day alone from the given date, using the weekday function , with the help of the below video.

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