ADDRESS Function

The ADDRESS () is a lookup and reference function which takes the arguments "row_num, column_num, abs_num, a1, sheet_text" and returns the text representation of a cell address with the given row and column numbers.


=ADDRESS (row_num, column_num, abs_num, a1, sheet_text)
In the above syntax, the argument "row_num" denotes the row number of the
column_num denotes the column number
abs_num denotes the reference type.
A1 argument is a logical value that denotes two reference styles namely, A1 or R1C1.If the argument a1 is given as TRUE or omitted, then the function returns an A1-style reference; if it is given as FALSE, then the functions returns R1C1-style reference.
Sheet_text denotes the worksheet's name to be used as the outer reference.

Video Tutorial:

Let us see how the ADDRESS () returns the text representation of a cell address, with the help of the below video.

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