CSS Cursor Type

How to make the cursor type as pointer or crosshair using css?
I want to have a different cursor, how can I do that?


Property :

The cursor for any element can be set by using the css property "cursor".
Example Tag:
<div style=" background-color: green; color: white; cursor: crosshair;"> this is a pointer type cursor </div>

this is a pointer type cursor

The css property can take many values as described in the below table
pointera hand symbol
crosshair + symbol
movemove symbol
wait loading symbol
help question symbol
text text symbol
e-resizemove east cursor
ne-resizemove north-east cursor
nw-resizemove north-west cursor
n-resizemove north cursor
se-resizemove south-east cursor
sw-resizemove south-west cursor
s-resizemove south cursor
w-resizemove west cursor
default default cursor
url user defined image as cursor

A user defined image can be set as a cursor using css.
The code for it is "cursor: url('./images/cursor.gif');".
But this custom user defined cursor may not work in some versions of the browsers.

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