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CSS (HTML) Tutorial - Border Properties, setting border using style sheet

CSS Borders

Handling borders... !


Property :

Instead of setting each side of borders separately, the whole thing can be done using the single tag


border: <border-width> || <border-style> || <border-color> ;


This will set the border to any object.
a)border : 5px dotted green - The border is set using the tag border. The values or in the order width, style and color of border.
This set the border on all the four sides.

Example 1:

<div style=" border : 2px dotted red ;"> testing border properties </div>

testing border properties

NOTE: In the example we have used div tag.
But you can use any standard html tags to set the style.
Common Border on Three Sides and Different border in one side:
In some cases we will have common border for two are three sides and different border in only one side. This can be easily handled as follows

Example 2:

<div style="
border : 2px dotted red ;
border-top: 3px dashed green;
testing border properties </div>

testing border properties

Initially we set the common border for all sides using border attribute and then we set/change the top border using "border-top".

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