strchr() - String Manipulation Function

How to locate the first occurence of character C++?


strchr() returns a pointer value to locate first occurrence of "char" in the string "character". If no match is found a NULL pointer is returned by this manipulation function.


char * strchr ( const char * str, int character );

Example :

#include <stdio.h>
#include <cstring.h>
int main ()
char arr[] = "Hscripts is web resource site.";
char * pnt;
printf ("Character p was found first at
%dth place.\n",pnt-arr+1);
return 0;

Result :

Character p was found first at 6th place.

In the above example strchr() manipulation function is used to return the pointer "pnt". Since strings are null terminated, array "pnt-arr+1" is used to locate the first occurence of "p".

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