Reinterpret_Cast operator - Type casting

How is reinterpret_cast operator used in C++?


Reinterpret_cast operator is used convert a pointer of one type to another type even that of an unrelated class. This is type casting in C++.

Example :

#include <iostream.h> int main()
int *ptr = new int(20);
cout << "First value = " << *ptr << endl;
void *ptr2 = reinterpret_cast(ptr);
int *ptr3 = reinterpret_cast(ptr2);
cout << "Final reinterpret cast value is::" << *ptr3 << endl;

Result of Type Casting:

First value = 20
Final reinterpret cast value is:: 20

In the above example, the reinterpret_cast operator is used convert a integer pointer to a pointer of type "void" then converted into a integer pointer.

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