Nested If statement - Control Structures

How Nested If conditional branching Statement is used in C++?


An If statement is inside another if statement is termed as nested if statement. This type of control structures is called conditional branching.


{ if (expression)
{ Statements }

Example :

#include <iostream.h>
using namespace std;
int main(void)
int age;
cout << "Enter your Age::";
cin >> age;
if (age >=10 && age<=50)
if (age >=10 && age <= 18)
{cout << "You are a Teenage" << endl;}
{ cout << "You not a Teenager" << endl;}
{ cout << "You are more than 50 years" << endl;}
return 0;

Result :

Enter your Age::51
You are more than 50 years

In the above example, the conditional branching nested if statement is used to check two conditions in a nested loop. First "if" statement checks if the age is between 10 to 50 if true, another if loop checks if the age is between 10 to 18.

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