rewind() - I/O Function

How is rewind() used in C++?


rewind() is an I/O function that rewinds the file position indicator to the start of the specified stream. This function clears the EOF and the error flags associated with the stream.


void rewind ( FILE * stream );

Example :

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
FILE * re= fopen ("vowels.txt","w+");
int a,b;
fprintf( re, "%d %d", a, b);
rewind( re );
fscanf( re, "%d %d", &a, &b );
printf( "The values read are: %d and %d\n", a, b );

Result :

The values read are: 22 and 33.

In the above example the rewind() is used to read the information printed into a file by moving the pointer to start of the stream.

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