fwrite() - I/O Function

How is fwrite() used in C++?


fwrite() is an I/O function which is used to write number of objects of specific size from the specified stream to a character array. This function returns the number of objects written sucessfully to the array, if the "count" value differs from number of objects written, it indicates an error.


size_t fwrite( const void *buf, size_t size,
size_t count, FILE *stream);

Example :

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
FILE * str = fopen ( "fwriteeg.txt" , "wb" );
char buffer[] = { 'a' , 'b' , 'c' };
fwrite (buffer , 1 , sizeof(buffer) , str );
fclose (str);
return 0;

Result: fwrite.txt


In the above example the function is used to write the contents of the character array "abc" into the text file.

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