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fopen() - Open File - I/O function - C++ Tutorial

fopen() - I/O Function

How is "fopen()" used in C++?


fopen() is an I/O function that used to open a file pointed by the function to return the stream associated with it.


FILE *fopen( const char *fname, const char *mode);

In the above syntax the "mode" specifies the different modes used to open the file. Following table lists the different modes.
Mode Description
r Open the text file for reading.
w Create a text file for writing.
a Append to text file
rb Open a binary file for reading
wb create a bnary file for writing
ab Append to a binary file
r+ Open a text file for read/write
w+ Create a text filefor read/write.
a+ Open a text file for read/write.
rb+ or r+b Open a binary file for read/write.
wb+ or w+b Create a binary file for read/write.
ab+ or a+b Open a binary file for read/write.

Example :

#include <stdio.h>
int main ()
FILE * str = fopen ("fopeneg.txt","w");
fputs ("Used fopen function", str);
fclose (str);
return 0;


Used fopen function

In the above example the function is used to open the file in the write mode. Then the "fputs()" is used to write the text to the file.

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