Enum Datatype in C++

How are Enum / Enumerated Datatype used in C++?


Enum Datatype consist of a set of named values. These values can be used in indexing expressions.

The idea behind enumerated datatype is to create new data types that can take on only a restricted range of values.


enum enum-type-name { enumeration list } variable-list

Example :

#include <iostream.h> int main()
enum Fruits{orange, guava, apple};
Fruits myFruit;
int i;
cout << "Please enter the fruit of your choice(0 to 2)::";
cin >> i;
case orange:
cout << "Your fruit is orange";
case guava:
cout << "Your fruit is guava";
case apple:
cout << "Your fruit is apple";
return 0;

Result :

Please enter the fruit of your choice(0 to 2)::2
Your fruit is apple

In the above example only the variable "i" is an integer. But using the enumeration the named values are used in a "switch case" statement with integer value "i".

This is how enum or enumerated datatype used in C++.

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