Long / Extended Double Precision Floating Point Data Type

How is "long double" datatype used in C++?.


The "Long Double" or "Extended Double" data type is used to represent floating point numbers that occupies 8 bytes. This extented precision datatype is more precise than the "double" datatype. The range of values for the datatype is between +/- 1.7e and +/- 308.

Example :

#include <iostream.h>
void main()
double l = 1000000000.0;
cout << "Long double floating number is:" << l << '\n';
cout << "The bytes occupied is:" << sizeof(l);


Extended Double precision floating number is: 1e+09
The bytes occupied is: 8

In the above example the value of the long double floating point precision number is displayed along with the bytes occupied by the "long double" datatype.

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