Comments in C++

How are Comments used in C++?


Comments are text that are ignored by the C++ compiler. Like other languages comments are used for reference for future.

There are two types of comments used in C++. First type is a single line comment that is enclosed within two forward slashes("//") in the begining as well as in the end. The other type is multiline comment that is enclosed between a "/*" and "*/".

Example :

#include <iostream.h> int main()
int a;
cout << "Enter a integer::"; //This is a single line comment//
cin >> a;
/* Enter
a value for a */
cout << "Value is::" << a << endl;
return 0;

Result :

Enter a integer::4
Value is::4

In the above example both types of comments are used, but the compiler simply compiles the code alone.

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