SEO Title Tag and Meta Tags Optimization

How to use title tag and meta tags?


Title Tag

  • Use Keywords in title tags
  • Keep the title tag as simple as possible and as short as possible (less than 10 characters)
  • Do not repeat the keywords in title

Stop Words /Poison Words

Search engines categorize the pages containing certain keywords as offensive or not useful to the reader. They call those words as stop words or poison words and the occurrence of such words anywhere in your document title, description or content could poison the ranking of your page. The following document provides a list of such poison words and it is better to avoid them in your pages.

Meta Tags

Next to the title tag, meta tags represent strategic importance. In each page, use meta description tags and meta name tags.

For Example:

<meta name="description" content="Network Monitoring Solution">
<meta name="keywords" content="network monitoring, network management ">

Try to use different meta description and keywords for different pages. Using the same description on all pages might diminish the importance.

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