Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Search Engine Optimization Tools


SEO-specific tools

Apart from the keyword tools mentioned above, there are many other SEO-specific tools that you can make use of:

Search Engines decide about the comparative relevance of pages for web search results based on a concept called page rank. The higher the page rank, brighter will be the chance of getting better position in the search results.

How to find the page rank of a website?

There are innumerable tools available in the web that help you find out your page rank. The simplest way is to download and install the addons on your firefox browser from the following link.

Alexa Rank

One of the finest tools available in the web to find out page rank and traffic details to your web page is

Broken Link Checker

The ranking of your page will take a severe beating if any of the links go broken resulting in page not found. As the pages are likely to have a large number of links, manually checking them will be strenuous. Many free tools are available to automatically check for broken links in a page.

Following tool is a good broken link checker:

Search Engine Position Checker

You may keep tab on the search engine position of your pages for your keywords using the following free tool:

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