CSS Horizontal Drop Down Navigation Menu Tool

Simple online tool that allows you to create your own CSS drop down menu for your website or webpage. Multiple horizontal navigation system that easily fits into your design.

Easily add or remove any number of menus and submenus, have a name of your choice for the menus and add anchor link on your page. The submenus disappear when the mouse rolls out of the menu. CSS style properties are fully customizable. Installation and configuration is much easier. Navigation through webpages becomes graceful using this simple and multiple dropdownmenu tool.

Make use of the get code to intialize this horizontal css drop down menu in your website/webpage.

Drop down Menu

MainMenu   SubMenu    Delete  
Main Menu Background Color:
MainMenu Font Color:
SubMenu Font Color:
SubMenu Background Color:
Submenu Selected Color:
MouseOver Font Color:


  • You can add as many main and submenus as possible using this tool. You can add submenus, change name, add link and set target to main menus by selecting the respective main menu.
  • You can change css properties such as the background and font color for main and submenus after creating the required number of horizontal menus. Any new ones created after the color selection will take the default color which can be changed again as required.
  • Once you create your own customized multiple drop down menu by using this tool, you can download the same by clicking Download Style.css. Both the downloaded file and the code should be placed on the same directory.

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