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Link Popularity is the word commonly used to mention the number of links that any website has from other web sites. All major search engines check your link poularity and is used as a important criteria to rank your web site or page.

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  • This free webmaster SEO tool will help you to find/check your webpage or website popularity as shown in major search engines.
  • This also compares it with your previous search data of your website or web page and helps you to easily estimate, analyse and find your link growth in search engine.
  • Monitor the growth of your web site and webpage in the most used search engines.
  • Find how many pages are linking to you. Check your web site backlinks or popularity using this online SEO utility. Compare it with the previous search and increase, improve your growth.
  • Free Link Checker/Analyser tool (SEO software) will help you in checking and tracking the total backlinks to your website as denoted in major search engines.
  • This webmaster tool currently monitors google, yahoo, altavistaa, alltheweb, msn datas.
  • Analyse, increase your growth. Old data on backlinks count will be maintained for 90 days.

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