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Simple Shell Renamer script that can rename files in the current directory. Execute the script in the command prompt to rename a file.


  • Used for renaming files.
  • Fast File Renamer.
  • No need of any installations.
  • Just copy the code and execute it in your command line.


#---------- Script by ---------------# #---------- Copywrite of HIOXINDIA ---------------# #---------
More scripts -------#
#string to be replaced in the filename - argument 1 val1=$1 #to be replaced with - argument 2 val2=$2
for filename in ./* do
if [ ! -d "$filename" ]; then
#sed 's/sd/tt/g' tarnn.txt > temp; mv temp tarnn.txt
var3=`echo $filename | sed -e "s;$val1;$val2;g"`
mv $filename $var3 fi
# echo $filename done; #--------- Script by -----------#

  • Release Date - 06-04-2010
  • Get free version without ©copyright link for just $10/-
  • For customization of this script or any script development, mail to


  • Copy the above code and save it with .sh extension
  • Execute the sh file in command line.
  • You have to pass two arguments for renaming files. $1 is an first argument. $2 is an second argument. $1 specifies old filename and $2 specifies new filename.
  • Execute the shell script as sh


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