(HVT 2.0) HIOX Visitor Tracking - File Based

This tool tracks all the visitor statistics of your web pages. The report can be easily viewed.


  • You can have a look at all the visitor ip statistics of user visiting your web site.
  • It also shows acurate time and date of when the web site was visited.
  • Simple and nice HVT viewer makes it so easy to view statistics / reports of the web site.
  • You can also set the MaxFileLength, DeleteLength parameters .
    i.e. Once the file reaches MaxFileLength entries, oldest DeleteLength entries will be removed by default
  • FIle Based Utility.


Admin page to View Statistics

User Name=test     Password=test

(Note: The statistics will not be upto date as the datas are redirected to HUVT [DB based]).



  • unzip HVT_2_0.zip, You will get HVT/ip.txt, HVT/ipWriter.php and admin folder
  • Set read write(766) permission to the file ip.txt, HVT/admin/passwo.php(only for Linux users)
  • create your new user account using HVT/admin/newuser.php
  • To use HIOX Visitor Track in your page:
  • just copy the code from HVT/admin/code.php and paste the code in your page where ever you want HIOX Visitor Track is to be done.
  • To view visitor statistics use HVT/admin/ipreader.php.
  • you can change your password using change password option.
  • NOTE 1: An example file path Your test file - /public_html/test-user-tracker.php HVT package - /public_html/HVT/*
  • NOTE 2: Your file's should be named with .php extension. [if your filename is test.html rename it to test.php]
  • Register for new version updates.


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