PHP Telnet Script

Simple php script which allows to check the telnet connection status within two Linux environment.


  • This script fetches the status of a system which uses telnet protocol.
  • The port number and Ip host is enough for status confirmation.
  • If the localhost is connected with telnet then status displayed as connected.
  • Easy to integrate and user friendly.


PHP Telnet Script



  • Click here to download
  • Release Date - 25-09-2015
  • Get free version without ©copyright link for just $10/-
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  • Install telnet by using this command(sudo apt-get install telnetd) .
  • Here the command fsockopen method detects the connection status.
  • Telnet should be installed in the server to run this script.
  • Use this telnet script to identify status of your telnet connection.


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