PHP Pagination Script

Php pagination is a simple script which allows you to traverse between pages easily.


  • Script Generates Automatic navigation links.
  • The script creates a database table which allows to paginate through next and previous pages.
  • You can set the total number of columns and rows to be displayed on each page.
  • Easy to view and quick response.


PHP Pagination Name Collage Name Email
1 Anitha Manohar University departments of Anna University Chennai
2 Aravind P.S.G. College of Technology
3 Arun University departments of Anna University Chennai, MIT
4 Aswathy Menon Coimbatore Institute of Technology- Coimbatore
5 Balu Government College of Technology- Coimbatore



  • Download and unzip to extract the files and folders.
  • Read the instruction in readme.txt file.
  • This is simple php pagination script to create multiple pages.


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