Math Captcha Generator Script

Math captcha image verification script can be used to perform CAPTCHA(Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) authentication using math operations.The user needs to enter the result of the math operation to pass the user validation, preventing spambots from registering or posting content to your site.


  • Math-Captcha generator created randomly can be used for checking human authentication in web form submission.
  • Random and Simple Math-Captcha can be displayed by using number and operators with operator precedance.
  • You can validate the form by using the Math-Captcha verification tool.
  • Just Download for free and Use it.


Captcha Validation Form
Reload the page to view different Math Captcha Images.

Email Id :
User Comment :
captchaimagerefresh captcha imageH
Enter result for above calculation:



  • Unzip random number generator file You will get captcha.php, form.php, get.php, validate.php and refresh.gif.
  • Execute the form.php file to display the captcha image with form fields.
  • Just copy and paste the following code in the script page where you want the captcha image verification tool to be displayed.
  • <?php
      include "./HMCI/captcha.php"; 
    <img src="./HMCI/captcha.php">
  • For example, To add this script in your form.
  • <form method="post" action="./HMCI/validate.php">
     User authentication image
       <img src="./HMCI/captcha.php">
       Enter result:<input type="text" name="number">
  • Use this math captcha random number generator in your webpage for user authentication.


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