HPR 1.0 (HIOX Photo Rating Script)

Photo / Picture Rating Script that can be added in any web page with php support. Any number of pages can use the same / single ranking system. A database based software that can be use in as many web pages.


  • HPR script can be used as a page or photo or picture rating script.
  • A database based script written in php that can be used accross any number of web pages.
  • A yes or no type script where users can rate as good or bad.
  • Can be used as "Flick it" / "Click it" script.
  • All other messages and color can be changed.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Simple and easy rating software written in php and javascript.


Admin Page: HPR Admin
User - testhpr, Password - testhpr

Demo Page 1: Test Page

Demo Page 2:

Current Rating



  • Unzip the download.
  • You will get HPR/*
  • Create a databased for HPR
  • Installing HPR:
  • Run the file HPR/install.php and give the required details
  • Rating or Ranking Module:
  • Go to HPR/index.php -> Login using the username and password -> Go to "Get COde" -> copy the code in all the pages where you want HPR
  • Editing Message and Color:
  • All message and colors can be changed from admin panel
  • This script can be used as a yes-no or flick it-click it or good-bad ranking software.

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