Review Script / Software - PHP Licensed

Review Scriptthat can be used in your webpage, where users are given the option of writing reviews/comments/feedback on the product or service provided. This software utility can be used in any web page and the comments are verified by the admin. The user comment for each page will be displayed once the admin reviews and accepts it.


  • Review script / software will help you to have a page / image reviews on each page.
  • User comments or notes are verified by the admin before being displayed on that page.
  • Can be used across any pages and across any directories.
  • UI tool for admin to review, delete, edit user messages.
  • UI to delete emails using CheckBox.
  • Word Filter to avoid spam content.
  • Admin can block the user IP Address.
  • Set different Colors for HRS from Web Interface.
  • Admin Email can be set to receive an email whenever a comment/feedback is added.
  • Easy to install and is password protected.
  • Can be used as an article review system, image review and web page feedback script.


Admin Page - HRS Admin Page,
User - testing, Pass Word - testing

HRS System:
Page 1 - Test Page 1 ,



  • As defined in README file.

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