Random Image Rotator / Rotation Script

Multiple Image Rotator Script that can be added into your web pages. Easy to integrate multiple image rotation script. This is an Advanced version of Free Image Handling script with added feartures.This is a licensed version. This tool is developed using php and javascript.


  • The rotation script makes your images keep rotating at your will and that can be added in to any web page.
  • Database based script to add multiple campaigns into your webpage.
  • You can set the size of image and also the speed of the image to rotate.
  • You can Add, Edit or Delete the campaigns and its images easily.
  • Easy to install and use random rotation tool.
  • No configurations required.


Admin Page: Multiple Image Rotator
User Name - testmir, Password - testmir

Note: Can add "n" no. of campaigns in the same web page randomly.

Campaign 1:



  • Please Refer README.txt

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