Form Manager Script

Simple International Form Management PHP Script. With this Online FORM-MANAGER you can manage and upload all the forms in your site with a single click. You can create forms in any language you want.


  • International Online Form Manager.
  • Add, Edit,and Delete fields dynamically.
  • AJAX functonality makes quick Form management.
  • Options to Control all the forms used in your site.
  • Can set required fields as mandatory.
  • Create forms in multiple languages you want.
  • Mail will be sent to the specified maid-id when the form is submitted.
  • You can also enable any international languages you desire.
  • Spam Filter Option.
  • This script of formmail is written in PHP with AJAX support.




  • Unzip,
  • You will get a folder and files under the folder.
  • Create a database for this formmail software.
  • Set read, write permission to the file HFORM-MANAGER/auth/config.php
  • Run the file HFORM-MANAGER/install.php,give the details of database,
  • Admin details where ever required.This will install the product.
  • Follow the Instructions given in README.txt

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