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Web Event Planner Calendar Script - Allow visitors of your website to quickly know what events are planned and when. The planner is the extended version of the free Event Calendar with added features.Easy to integrate in your web page. Planning your event is made easier.


  • In addition to the features available in free version of HEC
  • You can change any column display names using the UI
  • You can enable / disable any columns.
  • Option to set event time along with date for planning.
  • Set table size in both percentage (%) and pixels(px)
  • All properties can be modified in place to the column enable/disable property.
  • Use this script as easy event schedular, planner, etc...


Admin Page:
To Manage event
User Name - test, Password - test

Web Event Planner Demo:



    How To Use:
  • Download and Unzip HEC_1_2.zip,
  • You will get a folder HEC/ and files under the folder
  • Change the file permission to (read, write, execute) 777 for the files HEC/colors.php, HEC/col-val.php, HEC/passwo.php, HEC/values.php
  • To login to admin panel
  • Just go the page HEC/admin.php. It will ask for user name and password. Default user-name=test and password=test. Login using the default user name and change the password.
  • From admin panel you can manage events, change calendar colors, set size, change new password.
  • Add the following lines in the file where you want HEC (Event Planner/Schedular) to be displayed
    include "./HEC/calendar.php";
  • Note: Your file should be present in the same folder where HEC/ is present
    E.g: ~/testcal.php [your file where you want to display event schedular/planner]
    ~/HEC/**** [unzipped HEC package] Planning your events is made easier.

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