Download Manager Script

Download Manager Script that allows you to offer your visitors, files to download, maintain & manage downloaded count.


  • This script help you to maintain downloaded statistics of your files.
  • Maintain and manage a log of file selections in the table. Details in the table shows time, count, and the file downloaded.
  • Top Download, allows you to see which of your files are most often requested.
  • Maintain Visitor download statistics.
  • Automated set up and installation process to create database and tables.
  • Download manager script blocks visitors from file download by Blocking their IP's.
  • Easy to use.


Admin Page:
Files Download Manager
User Name - testhdm, Password - testhdm



  • unzip
  • Set proper read write permissions (666) for HDM/auth/config.php file(Only for Linux user)
  • After the database installation and table creation, install.php file will be automatically deleted, so take a backup of install.php file for future use.
  • Execute install.php to install the database and create tables
  • For more details read HDM/README.txt
  • East to Manage Downloaded Files Count.

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