Petty Cash Management Script

Cash Management Script, using PHP and MySQL, that can be used for managing money online. Users can create accounts and maintain it online through this money management system. This can be used in companies for managing petty cash or as personal budgeting tool.


  • Users can register themselves and maintain their personal / company accounts.
  • Users can maintain multiple number of accounts under one login.
  • Five types of reports such as cash in hand, expense report, group report, closing report and cash report are generated.
  • Options to add cash receipt, expense.
  • Data entered for expenses or income can be modified anytime and updated for new details.
  • Cash receipt can be added with the details like date, source of income and description etc
  • The reports can be viewed datewise
  • Easy to install and use petty cash money management system.


Click here Cash Management Script for Demo Page

Login Details:



  • Unzip Petty Cash Management file.
  • Create a database using MYSQL.
  • Run install.php from the files extracted.
  • Password protected admin panel for accounts management.

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