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This software is developed and copyrighted by HIOX Softwares.
This is given under The GNU General Public License (GPL).
This version is shoutbox-1.2.

a) With a Shoutbox, site visitors develope a durable, personal relationship
with your homepage.
b) Customer relations is indispensable.
c) Unlimited number of messages.
d) Fully Customizable.
e) Ban hackers IP addresses.
f) Allows users to post comments without any form of user registration.
g) Fast AJAX Interface.
h) Multilingual - you can change the language of your Chatbox!.
i) Spam Filter Option.
j) Easy to use messaging system written in PHP with AJAX support.
k) Absolutely Free!

How To Install:
Please take 5 minutes time and read installation instructions carefully and
completely! This will ensure a proper and easy installation.

a)Unzip the hshoutbox.zip file.

Creating database file:
a) Create a database namely shoutbox.
b) Set read, write permission to the file hshoutbox/auth/dbconnect.php and
hshoutbox/pw (only for linux users)
The following is the content of the dbconnect.php page. Update, the values of
the variable’s $sqluser, $sqlpwd, $sqlhost, $dbname.
$sqluser = "test";
$sqlpwd = "test";
$sqlhost = "asdfhgasfd";
$dbname = "FASF";
c) Execute the file hshoutbox/install.php on your browser and fill the
required database, admin details where ever required. This will install the product.
d) After successful installation of the script, please remove/delete the

Note: Set chmod 644 permission for hshoutbox/auth/dbconnect.php (linux users)

Configuring the Administrator Details:
1. Open the file hshoutbox/hshoutbox/sb_admin.php in your web browser
2. It will ask for the user name,password provide the username,password.
3. To change the password, click on change password.

Embedding Shout box:
1. Click on the option “Get Code” link/menu.
2. Click on the button “Select All” to copy the code given in textbox.
3. Paste the code in between the tags of your page.
4. Change the “Body” tag to tag as
5. Add the following code to display the shoutbox

To Delete Messages:
1) To delete the shoutbox messages login as admin using
2) Click on the menu “Control Panel”, where all messages are displayed.
3) Select the message to delete, Click on “Delete Selection”
4) You can click on “Flush the shoutbox” button, to delete all messages

Configurable Look and Feel:
1. There is a CSS file called sb_style.css that you can edit in order to
change the look of the shoutbox.
The following is the code of sb_style.css
#shoutbox {
border: 1px solid #555;
padding: 3px;
top: 80px;
background: #fff;

#sb_warning {
font-size: small;
color: #ffa500;

#sb_chatLog {
overflow: auto;
height: 150px;

#shoutbox input {
border: 1px solid #eee;
color: #ffa300;

2) The width can be defined by editing the width property of the first

in the hshoutbox/shout.php
The following is the code to be changed

If you have any issues with the code, please click on the option “Report” to
go to feedback page of Hscripts.com to give feedback

What you can do for us:
If you use HIOX Software’s free scripts or any portion of the code, a link to Hscripts.com will be on your website. We believe it is a fair trade for a free
script/code. Please don’t remove the link. It will of great help to us.

Our team also involves in developing customized scripts and user specific
scripts. Any requirements on outsourcing or project/product development, do
get in touch with us(support@hscripts.com).

On any suggestions mail to us at support@hscripts.com

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