Easter Sunday Date Calculator Script

Free Script To calculate the Easter sunday date for the given year. The script is simple and easy to calculate the date on which the Easter sunday falls.


  • The Script uses php combined with ajax which makes the faster retrival of the data.
  • The script provides the easter sunday calculation for large span of years.
  • Simple to integrate this page with any web site that supports php.


Please Select the year to find the easter sunday date



  • Unzip the file.
  • Just include the code given in the "easter-calc.php" file into your webpage and place the file "sunday.php" in the same folder.
  • Set read, write permission to sunday.php (Only for Linux users)
  • Now call the "sunday.php" from your webpage after selecting the year for which you need the easter date.
  • Calculator that is simple and ease of use.


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