Web Based Database Query Tool (HDBQ 2.1)

Free Web based MySql database query tool (HDBQ 2.1) to add, save, manage user queries and query mysql database. This script is written in php.


  • Easy to use mysql HDBQ 2.1 database query tool.
  • UI to add, save and manage frequently user queries.
  • Support for date based queries.
  • Queries can be added with 'XXDATE' variable.On sleceting the date from a calendar, the date will automatically change.
        E.g Query: select * from xxxx where date like 'XXDATE'
  • Simple file web based password protection.
  • Database to be queried can be modified in the config file.
  • File based tool (No Database Required).


Demo of HDBQ_2_1:
Mysql Web Based Database query Tool

User Name=test


  • Version 2.1 - HDBQ_2_1.zip.
  • Release Date - 01/11/07
  • Get free version without ©copyright link for just $10/-
  • For customization of this script or any script development, mail to support@hscripts.com


    How To Use:
  • unzip HDBQ_2_1.zip ,You will get a folder HDBQ/ and files under the folder
  • Change the file permission to (read, write, execute) 777 for the files HDBQ/queries.php and HDBQ/passwo.php (Only for Linux Users)
  • Database to be queried.
  • Set the details of the database in the file HDBQ/config.php
  • create admin account using newuser.php
  • Change the username and password by clicking the Change Password option.


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