PHP Barcode Generator Script

Online barcode generator script generates and displays the barcode which can be inserted into any web application.


  • Script generates a barcode for given string.
  • Orientation of barcode can be chosen by visitor.
  • You can choose different type of barcodes .
  • A) Code 128: It is very high density code. It may be alpha numeric or numeric type barcode.
  • B) Code 39 : Code 39 is also known as alpha 39 , type 39 etc. It generates variable length barcode.
  • C) Code 25 : Code 25 is generally a continuous type barcode.
  • D) CodeBar : Codebar is an old technique used in blood bank. It is a discrete type barcode.
  • Barcode can be generated at required size.
  • Easy to use and responsive.


Barcode Generator Script

Enter String :
Select Orientation : Select CodeType:
Enter Size :



  • Download and Unzip to extract the files and folders.
  • Files named "index.php,style.css,barcode.php,jquery.js,download.php and readme.txt" and uploads folder will be obtained.
  • Use this barcode script to generate your own variety of barcode.


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