(HVT 2.0) JSP Visitor Tracking - File Based

JSP Visitor Tracking Script is used to record number of visits to your web page.This tool tracks all the visitor statistics of your web pages and the reports are processed into meaningful graphs and database listings that can be easily viewed.


  • The scripts record visitors' server name, IP address, type of web browser, and time of visit of your web page.
  • Real-time website statistics with detailed and accurate visitor tracking and analysis.
  • Simple and nice site tracker makes it so easy to view statistics / reports of the web site.
  • A web tracker also records your visitors if they return to the same page twice or more.
  • You can also set the MaxFileLength, DeleteLength parameters.
  • i.e. Once the file reaches MaxFileLength entries, oldest DeleteLength entries will be removed by default
  • FIle Based Utility.


Admin page :View Statistics
User Name=testhvt Password=testhvt

(Note: The statistics will not be upto date as the data are redirected to Hiox unique visitor tracking [File based]).



  • Download and unzip HVT_2_0.zip. You will get HVT/ip.txt, HVT/ipWriter.jsp and admin folder.
  • Set read write(666) permission to the file ip.txt, HVT/admin/passwo.jsp(only for Linux users).
  • Create your new user account using HVT/admin/newuser.jsp.
  • To use HIOX Visitor Track in your page:
  • Just copy the code from HVT/admin/code.jsp and paste the code in your page whereever you want HIOX Visitor Track is to be done.
  • To view site visitor statistics use HVT/admin/ipreader.jsp.
  • You can change your password using change password option.
  • NOTE 1: An example file path Your test file - /public_html/test-user-tracker.jsp HVT package - /public_html/HVT/*
  • NOTE 2: Your file's should be named with .jsp extension. [if your filename is test.html rename it to test.jsp]
  • Register for new version updates.


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